“In Becoming Ronald Reagan, Mann sets out to investigate the formative years leading up to Reagan’s emergence as a full-blown political phenomenon in the mid-1960s. And he’s surprised at what he found.” PAT MURPHY, TROY MEDIA

 “A compelling look at President Reagan’s transformation from struggling liberal actor to powerful conservative spokesperson in five years and becoming the governor of California six years later.” JAMIE H. VAUGHT, KY FORWARD

“[Mann’s] book portrays Reagan as a skilled and sophisticated political thinker and leader. . . . Mann’s political disagreements with Reagan, however, do not diminish Mann’s admiration for Reagan’s political skills and achievements, and his obvious love of country. That is no small thing for a liberal professor to admit.”  FRANCIS P. SEMPA, NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS

“Would it that every subject get a biographer as sensitive and conscientious as Bob Mann.”   PHILIP MARTIN, ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE

“Ronald Reagan took one of the most unconventional paths to the presidency in American history. Robert Mann tells this part of Reagan’s remarkable story in lively, enlightening prose. Ronald Reagan evolved from rags to riches, liberal to conservative, and Democratic to Republican. But as Mann masterfully shows, Reagan’s innate talents and personal genuineness were evident at each stage of his transformation into an icon who will never ride into the sunset for conservatives.”   LARRY J. SABATO, DIRECTOR OF THE CENTER FOR POLITICS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA AND AUTHOR OF THE KENNEDY HALF-CENTURY

“This typically excellent, highly original work from Robert Mann will emerge as the standard interpretation of Reagan’s ideological evolution—and his development as a major political figure. Mann stresses both continuity in Reagan’s belief system and recognition of the pre-gubernatorial era’s importance. A must-read.”   ROBERT DAVID JOHNSON, PROFESSOR OF HISTORY AT BROOKLYN COLLEGE AND THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK GRADUATE CENTER AND AUTHOR OF ALL THE WAY WITH LBJ: THE 1964 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION

“In what many might regard as a minor miracle, Mann has written a book about Reagan that throws the Gipper a few bouquets. In ‘Becoming Ronald Reagan,’ Mann traces the GOP icon’s rise from a nearly broke actor to a figure destined for the presidency.”   BATON ROUGE & NEW ORLEANS ADVOCATE

“With empathy and critical insight, Robert Mann guides us on a journey through Ronald Reagan’s personal and political awakening. Anyone who wishes to understand the roots of modern conservatism will profit from this engaging and deeply researched study of Reagan’s ideological evolution from New Deal liberal to right-wing warrior. Love or loathe him, this book will help you understand him.”   JOSHUA M. ZEITZ, AUTHOR OF BUILDING THE GREAT SOCIETY: INSIDE LYNDON JOHNSON’S WHITE HOUSE

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