Here are the steps to build a pole barn house:

1. **Location**: Choose the location where you want to build your pole barn house.
2. **Zoning, Codes and Laws**: Check your local zoning laws and building codes before starting the project.
3. **Designing Your Pole Barn Building**: Decide on the size of your pole barn house and create a floor plan.
4. **Estimating Your Cost and Supply Needs**: Determine the cost of materials and supplies needed for the project.
5. **Purchasing your Supplies or a Kit**: Purchase all necessary supplies or a kit for your pole barn house.
6. **Prepping Your Pole Barn Site**: Clear the site and prepare it for construction.
7. **Ready, Set, Build Your Pole Barn!**: Start building your pole barn house.

For more detailed information on how to build a pole barn house, you can check out this [step-by-step tutorial]( which includes floor plans and other helpful information.