Here are some steps that can help you deal with jealousy in a relationship:

1. Accept that jealousy is hurting your relationship.
2. Admit that you're jealous.
3. Agree not to spy on your spouse.
4. Discuss the roots of your jealous feelings.
5. Make a decision to change your behavior.
6. Realize you cannot control someone else, but you can control your reaction.
7. Seek professional help as a couple if necessary.
8. Set fair ground rules that you can both agree to.

It's important to stay calm and acknowledge jealousy without taking any action. Before reacting, try to explore the clear picture of another person. For instance, talk to the trustworthy person you have in your life.

Remember that jealousy is a normal emotion and it's okay to feel it sometimes. Instead of being ashamed of your feelings, make space for them.

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