To print a PDF file, you can follow these steps:

1. Use your reader program to open the PDF, or open it in your browser by dragging the file into the browser window.
2. Click "File" and then "Print". This will open a print dialog box displaying various options. Certain readers and web browsers make a Print button available at the top or bottom of the document without having to open the File menu.
3. Choose a printer and number of copies to print.
4. (Optional) Click Properties to open the Printer properties. For more information, see your printer documentation.
5. Under Pages to Print, select an option: All - prints all pages in the PDF. Current page - prints the current page in the PDF.

If you want to print to PDF instead of a physical printer, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the document you want to print to a PDF file.
2. Find and open the Print dialog box in the application. Where this is located will vary by program, but you can usually go to File > Print, or just click a printer icon.
3. When the “Print” window opens, click “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the “Select Printer” section.