Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to use alcohol ink:

1. First, prepare all the necessary materials such as paper, alcohol ink, and alcohol or blending solution.
2. Start with smaller paintings – The A4 sheets can be cut in half and if necessary the back of the sheet can be used as well.
3. Now put a drop of ink in the color of your choice on the sheet and watch what happens.
4. You can use drops of alcohol ink, isopropyl alcohol, and an air source to move the inks around a nonporous surface (like Yupo paper). The alcohol evaporates and so the inks dry very rapidly. This lets you get unique effects that aren't possible with other mediums.
5. You can also make your own alcohol inks by mixing printer ink with isopropanol. You can do this by mixing 1 part isopropanol with 2 parts of printer ink – et voilà, your own alcohol ink is ready to be used for your own ink art.
6. You can use alcohol ink to create more intricate pictures. Draw a picture on Yupo paper with a pen or pencil. Then, pour some alcohol ink into a paper or plastic palette. Absorb the ink with a brush, then fill in the drawing.